Fauna in Valmiki

Fauna in Valmiki Tiger Reserve

The unspoiled woodland and untamed terrain within Valmiki Tiger Reserve serve as a remarkable representation of the Himalayan Terai landscape. The reserve's topography features rocky hills and descending valleys, crisscrossed by numerous rivers and streams that ultimately converge into alluvial plains in the southern regions. These water bodies play a pivotal role as major sources of water throughout the region. Situated in the subtropical northern sector of Bihar, Valmiki Tiger Reserve stands as a biodiversity haven within the Terai. Its varied habitats provide sustenance for a wide array of fauna, contributing to the ecological richness of the sanctuary.

valmiki fauna
fauna in valmiki


The elusive Bengal Tigers take center stage as the captivating attractions within Valmiki Tiger Reserve. Alongside these majestic big cats, the reserve is home to a substantial population of sloth bears, leopards, Indian bison, hyenas, and wild dogs. Diverse species of deer and antelope, including barking deer, spotted deer, hog deer, sambar, and blue bull, grace the landscape. Additionally, leopard cats, wild cats, fishing cats, wild boar, serow, civets, flying squirrels, and more add to the rich tapestry of wildlife that can be encountered within the reserve. Along the main road from Madanpur to Valmikinagar, a significant presence of Indian flying foxes further enhances the wildlife spectacle.


The reptilian residents of Valmiki Tiger Reserve include the python, cobra, king cobra, krait, banded krait, and the domuha snake (sand boa).

Aquatic animals

Within the aquatic realm of Valmiki Tiger Reserve, you'll encounter diverse aquatic reptiles such as crocodiles, otters (water cats), gharial, and monitor lizards.


Valmiki Tiger Reserve is a habitat for over 300 bird species, spanning across 70 different families.