Things to do in Valmiki

Things to do in Valmiki Tiger Reserve

In the Valmiki Tiger Reserve, a seamless blend of culture and wildlife creates a dreamlike ambiance, offering an array of enchanting activities. The undulating natural terrain sets the stage for a diverse range of experiences, including thrilling jeep safaris, adventurous boat rafting, and trekking to the scenic Someshwar Peak. This reserve, teeming with a variety of plants, animals, and birds, beckons wildlife enthusiasts globally. Whether one seeks to delve into the reserve's natural wonders through safaris and nature walks or craves adventurous escapades like rafting, boating, and trekking, Valmiki Tiger Reserve caters to all.

Capturing the Reserve's splendour against a backdrop of small mountains and meandering rivers is a delight for photographers. Birdwatchers find paradise here, with over 250 bird species filling the air with melodious tweets amid the lush forests. Valmiki Tiger Reserve truly offers an immersive experience where every activity, from wildlife exploration to thrilling adventures, unfolds against the stunning canvas of nature's diversity.

valmiki things to do
things to do in valmiki

Jeep Safari

Embarking on a Jeep Safari at Valmiki Tiger Reserve stands out as a top-notch experience, especially for those with a passion for adventure and nature. This thrilling journey promises to unveil the hidden corners of the tiger reserve, offering an intimate encounter with its diverse wildlife. Each jeep allows a maximum of 6 adults and 2 children, ensuring a personalized and immersive experience. Morning safaris extend for duration of 2 hours, while evening safaris last for 1.5 hours.

Guided by expert drivers well-versed in the language of the forest, the safari winds its way through the Valmiki Tiger Reserve, presenting ample opportunities to spot a variety of wildlife, including leopards, bears, elephants, and possibly even tigers. The two-hour morning safari and the 1.5-hour evening safari provide optimal time to explore the rich birdlife thriving in the reserve. Overall, a Jeep Safari at Valmiki Tiger Reserve promises not only adventure but also a deep connection with the captivating natural wonders it preserves.

Boat Rafting at Gandak River

Valmiki Nagar provides an ideal setting for an exhilarating rafting experience. Navigate through the gentle waves and tranquil waters of the Gandak River, weaving through rocky ravines against a backdrop of breathtaking scenery, ultimately concluding along the Gandak River's coastline. The beauty of this adventure lies in its accessibility—no swimming expertise is required. The optimal months for this thrilling sport are September, October, and November, so be sure to plan the river rafting escapade during this period.

This region not only boasts natural serenity but also hosts diverse wildlife. The renowned Gandak Barrage, positioned at the Indo-Nepal Border across the Gandak River, is a notable spot. From the viewpoint near the Gandak Barrage, visitors can relish a panoramic view of Triveni and the surrounding area. Boat rafting in Gandak, especially along the forested areas, is a thrilling experience for adventure and wildlife enthusiasts alike. The journey allows glimpses of a variety of fauna and avifauna, adding an extra layer of excitement to the Gandak River’s boat rafting adventure.

Trekking to Someshwar Peak

Someshwar stands as the highest peak within Valmiki Tiger Reserve, towering at an elevation of 2884 feet. To reach this summit, a 14 km trek from the base camp unfolds a captivating journey. Along the way, explorers encounter the scenic Titanic Point and Hilltop, offering splendid panoramic views. At the international border lies an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Someshwar (Shiva) and Goddess Kali. Adjacent to the temple, the ruins of the hermitage once inhabited by sage Bhatrihari add a touch of historical mystique.

Named after the iconic Someshwar Temple, this area beckons adventurers with a trek to the summit, marking it as one of the most sought-after activities in Valmiki Tiger Reserve. The trek path is adorned with beautiful temples and viewpoints, enhancing the overall trekking experience. Whether in search of spiritual serenity or an adrenaline-fueled adventure, the trek to Someshwar Peak promises a blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and the thrill of exploration.